Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Inter-Professional Correspondence

As the Accident Attorney, your goals are to make a difference in the lives of your clients and defend them in a time that they are most vulnerable. As a Chiropractor, our goal is to provide the necessary clinical information and objective findings to support your case fair and accurately. Clearly we share a common purpose as an unbiased advocate, making sure our clients get a fair compensation for their lost from personal injuries, slip & falls and automobile collisions.

My Name is Dr. Zeudiann L.P. Coleman, a Chiropractor serving the Atlanta Metropolitan region.
I would like to introduce myself and the Multi-Specialty Facility, Union Health, that has a 2 Chiropractors, a Medical Doctor, Physical Therapist & Medical Massage therapist and Clinical Lab Tech etc.

My Office is located in the IBEW Building on 501 Pulliam St. Ste 144.
I would like to meet with you for lunch to discuss a potential business relationship.

Please call 678-754-6877 or email me at so we can set up a convenient time and date within our busy schedule.